Cripps Creations consists of an artistically diverse partnership. With their expansive skill sets, Vida and Madison J. Cripps offer many products and services unlike any other. The two originally formed in the River Arts District of Asheville, NC. Presently, Cripps Creations is nestled in the quaint Right to Farm community of Northfield in Western Massachusetts. Connect with the Cripps by enjoying performances, booking your event, taking one of our workshops, purchasing wares, and more. 


Vida Cripps
Madison J. Cripps

Vida Cripps is a San Diego native who has rooted down in New England. She is a self-taught taxidermist with a focus on silhouette skull carvings and uniquely preserved flora. Her work encompasses the balance between life and death-- immortalizing organic materials left behind.


Classically trained in lyrical and Southeast Asian folk dance, Vida has won awards competing with the Body Arts Center Dance Company of Chula Vista, CA. Since the early 2000s, she has refined her skills in the craft of costume design.


From 2014-15, Vida co-owned and directed Spectrum School of Fine Art in Asheville, NC. With her combined skills of administration and art education, the program successfully ignited the creative spirits of its students. 

Madison J. Cripps became a professional puppeteer in 2006 while working on a small farm in the Berkshire Mtns.


Supporting his puppetry is a diverse history of fine art, construction, environmentalism, and theater. In 2008, Madison was awarded a grant from the Mass. Cultural Council for the Cripps Walking Theatre Project. He moved to Asheville, NC from 2009 to 2015 and was an active member of the performing arts community. During that time Cripps was awarded an UNIMA citation of excellence in puppetry for his work on Billy the Liar in 2014.


Now back in New England, Cripps brings the experiences and influences of his travels where he performs.

Western Massachusetts, USA


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